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Ep20:Dan Morris 61 min 59 sec

Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Dan Morris.
***He is most passionate about understanding the house as an interconnected system, helping occupants identify and correct any air quality problems they may have and treating all clients as he would treat his own daughter. Dan Morris and EHSI-HEALTHYBUILDINGS continue to learn how the indoor environment affects health by attending and presenting at continuing education conferences nation-wide***
Contact Clinton or Randy at EHSI-HEALTHYBUILDINGS (be sure to tell them Dan sent you):
Dan's recommended links:
Dan's recommended books:
Chogyam Trungpa “Myth of Freedom”
J. Krishnamurti “You Are the World”
Jeremy Hayward “Sacred World”
Ep20 event links:
Ep20 Acknowledgments:
Originally recorded by: Tony Freiss
Mixed & Edited by: Randy Parcel
Technical consulting by: Lukas Untersteiner
Production & Marketing consulting by: Danilo Bonilla
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